African Solutional Technology

African Solutional Technology is a registered company which turn all biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste to renewable energy. African Solutional Technology was established by Sarah Bisieri Onchangu in November 2016. She was trying to solve her mother's problem by providing her with an economical source of cooking fuel. In the process of using the briquettes, she found that she was not the only one struggling but also all women of Nyacheki community. With her co-founder Elias Mabiria, they formed a team of making the briquettes manually from municipal and agro-waste for household use. They also come up with a solution of turning the non-biodegradable waste into energy for domestic and industrial use. African Solutional Technology is a private company with ten employees located at Nyacheki community in Kisii County. African Solutional Technology sees teamwork as the key success element responsible for creating this environment.
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Dermijoy Skincare

Dermi Joy skincare is a local skincare brand that manufactures innovative and all-natural cosmetics.

DermiJoy Skincare was founded by Terry Wangechi, a biochemist and research scientist with a passion for creating good quality skincare products. She saw a gap in the skincare market that largely comprised of products formulated with poor quality, synthetic ingredients. Terry was determined to offer innovative and good quality products in the personal care market, hence the conception of DermiJoy Skincare.

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Bumpy Maternity Wear

Bumpy Maternity Wear is an online maternity shop with a physical store in Nairobi Kenya. Our venture into maternity wear was inspired by a desire to provide variety, style, and convenience to moms in their proudest moment. We believe mothers are beautiful regardless of their size and it is our job to get them something that matches their style. We do free deliveries in Nairobi and make arrangements for deliveries in all other parts of the country. Custom make outfits take 3 working days to get ready and deliveries outside Nairobi take a maximum of 5 working days.

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Natures Bowl

Nature’s Bowl support mums to raise healthy kids by providing natural flours for them to make tasty meals. Using 100% indigenous grains and tubers, Nature’s Bowl sources raw materials from farmers process them into flour and packages them for sale. In addition, the company builds communities by providing support services for mothers and menu options for kids.

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Lugha Ishara

Lugha Ishara (LI) is a community based organization with a mission of achieving the transformational development of deaf children and youths. LI envisions a world of deaf inclusion. Lugha-E-Shara (LEA) is a tablet that has educational fun interactive KSL for deaf toddlers, pre-schoolers who have zero or intermittent signing skills. LEA is tackling language deprivation by providing access to affordable child friendly KSL at home during the language development phase whilst the brain has plasticity. LEA is solar powered and its content is available offline.

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Atabantu Tech

The main objective of Atabantu is to democratize e-commerce and reduce the barriers of entry into the online space. Range is a Software as a Service (SaaS) created by Atabantu. The Range platform provides businesses and individuals with a variety of solutions that make it easier for them to get online (a personal portfolio or blog), sell and dispatch their goods (e-commerce and fulfillment services). With Range people can create their own website with ease (this is known as the Range Store).

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BETA Art Kenya

BETA Art Kenya is an online portal consisting of a media and e-commerce platform. The aim of the portal is to highlight the growth of Kenyan contemporary art and artists globally. It also will sell Kenyan art online globally, market artists and document the Kenyan art scene.

The platform will provide the following services: Online sales and marketing, Digital documentation of Kenyan artwork, Variety of payment options, Packaging and delivery, Customer service/After-sales service, Direct remittance to the artists on purchase.

The business has great potential as there exists no other platform in Kenya or Eastern Africa doing the same in a cohesive manner. Additionally, local artists are spread out throughout the region making it difficult for interested consumers to access their work. Lastly, there is great interest in the growth of contemporary African art globally, and the platform would provide information and access to Kenyan contemporary artwork easily.

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Zoa Tech Limited

Zoa Tech limited is a technology consulting company passionate about digital services delivery.

we are in the business of empowering the development of technology based-solutions that increase operational efficiency, reduce overhead costs, increase revenue growth for SMEs and corporates.

they are driven by creativity and innovation to collaborate with our customers to develop products that are customer-driven, simple digital and secure in order to increase operational efficiency, reduce overhead costs and increase revenue growth for SMEs and corporates.

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Nekkta is a saving platform that helps users save, budget and spend on the things they love. Driven by a mission to create healthy financial habits among young people, Nekkta makes saving a social process where they can set targets, share their goals with friends, and create group targets for shared expenditures. Nekkta’s philosophy is that personal finance can be fun and a part of everyday life.

Catapult studios

Catapult studios offers an individualized online literacy program for students with disabilities. By having this platform, that each student is tested at their own level hence ensuring that all students are treated as individuals and learn at a comfortable pace with each student getting the full value of the program. Each student has a chance to have a one on one with a teacher in the school or a teacher online. Students also get a chance to do videos and share life experiences with other students. The contents are keenly monitored to flag any bullying or inappropriate content. Catapult Studios are an outdoor education facility that offers an outdoor learning environment for students with disabilities. They offer training in theatre arts and year-round after school literacy programs and summer camps.

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Mzurii is an online women's magazine seeking to empower women by delivering the latest in celebrity news, lifestyle, fashion, weddings and beauty content targeting young Kenyan women between the ages of 18-45.

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The Avopower team, comprising of Susan and Betty, worked on designing a domestic avocado oil extracting machine as part of their final year project in Mechanical Engineering at JKUAT, with a vision to empower farmers and revolutionize the avocado fruit farming industry.


Zarzi is a hub of creative, one of a kind handmade personalized pieces. It is their mission to grow an appreciation for the creative industry in the African Content. Zarzi stems from Swahili word “Mzazi”, which stands for parents. Zarzi as a brand is dedicated to nurturing creativity. It wants everybody to continue nurturing their inner creativity and embrace the things that bring them to life. The platform connects creatives with buyers looking for items out of the ordinary.

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Afrika Ziara

AfrikaZiara connects African tourism services to the rest of the world. AfrikaZiara is a travel tech software startup with the vision of innovating the African tourism industry using an innovative software for tour operators and aims to provide a data-driven online marketplace for tourists to access African tourism services.

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Jobsikaz is a job matching platform that combines candidate pre-assessment with recruitment process management tools to facilitate fast and accurate vacancy – job seekers matching. They provide seamless job placement through superior candidate selection tools that allow employers to hire very fast, aggregated market vacancies through their jobs board, free and downloadable resume templates, curated expert career advice, professional coaching and CV services.

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Anisan is a startup by students from Kajire Girls' High School in Taita-Taveta County. Anisan is an elephant tracking company located in Tsavo- National Park with a corporate office in Voi Town. They have a ‘Ndovu Care gadget’ that is an integration of motion sensors and global system for mobile communication with the ability to send strong signals and raise alarm once a jumbo goes to the villages. A sensor set to track an elephant passing about 180m away raises a siren, which alerts both the community and Kenya Wildlife Service officials via SMS.

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IoT Farms/Ukulima Digitech

IoT Farms/Ukulima Digitech’s innovation is the Pingle App. The Pingle app is innovative because it is a location-based social app that is focused on facilitating connections amongst strangers in the surrounding area rather than between existing friends. Pingle is leveraging technology to facilitate connections amongst strangers who can share information with each other and meet other short-term needs and requests either as a favour or at a fee.
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