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Pure Purple

Pure Purple is a contemporary footwear and accessories brand, that is passionate about premium value addition on locally sourced leather with significant imprints in sustainability and community.


Siago is an e-commerce fashion store that makes and sells unique, luxury, free-size dresses targeting the 30+-year-old, plus-size, career woman.

Aurora Health Systems

Aurora Health System is a biotech startup that is developing a wireless heart monitor for use in low-resource environments. The company's goal is to improve remote monitoring of patients outside of hospital settings, resulting in better patient outcomes.


A farm management system tailor-made for the African farmers to communicate with farm labourers and help them keep track of farming activities.

Learning Differently Limited

A learning intervention platform tailormade to support students/learners with learning disabilities. The courses/training equips parents, teachers, and caregivers with practical learnings that they can incorporate to support their learners.


A Women's startup supporting breastfeeding moms with low milk supply to meet their breastfeeding goals, while also promoting their health and wellness by value addition to organic and wholesome products i.e. (herbal teas and lactation cookies)

Keyara Botanics

Keyara Botanics is a skincare label that creates products that take care of your skin naturally with raw materials sourced from African farmers which are rich and of healing quality.

Sello Designs

A social business that designs and makes sustainable, durable, and timeless bags using leather and kitenge fabric.

DigiPath Africa

A Digital Marketing agency that helps organizations and individuals navigate their way online and take their products and services to existing/ new customers using digital marketing.