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Nywele Nyumbani

Nywele nyumbani is an online platform connecting clients to the beautician of their choice, and allowing for their beauty needs to be met in the comfort of their homes.

Mandevu Beardcare

Mandevu Beard Care is a men’s grooming company offering a beard care product line. Each product we produce is distinctively made with the man in mind. We use 100% natural ingredients that are essential for grooming and maintaining a healthy, soft, and conditioned beard.

Runnovate Company

Runnovate company helps business owners save time and reduce the cost of running their businesses by working with a team of virtual assistants. We do this by providing virtual assistant training for the youth in Kenya to enable the youth to provide professional administrative, technical and creative support remotely. We then work with business owners […]

RentPay Ltd

Our goal is to create efficiency in property management and improve the relationship between Landlords, tenants, and estate agents.

Fastagger Ltd

Fastagger is a platform that helps companies set up and run their machine learning and artificial intelligence projects. Our goal is to accelerate AI applications by providing data management services and algorithm development. We support both African and international AI and data-driven companies. Our focus on African businesses is geared at building datasets that showcase […]

The Viwanda Africa Group

Viwanda Africa Group is a trusted Maintenance and Spare Parts Management Systems partner for Aircraft Owners and Maintenance Organisations. We seek high-quality equipment and spare parts to enable us to offer our customers uncompromised safety and efficiency. We will dissect your aircraft maintenance needs and suggest a workable, efficient, cost-effective plan to ensure high-quality maintenance […]

Ufasiri Halisi

Ufasiri Halisi SLI Innovations limited is a tech company that focuses on revolutionizing assistive technology for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The company came to life from the vision of CEO Silvia Muturi who, after over 15 years of sign language interpreting, dreamt of transforming the Deaf community by utilizing technology to bring access […]


E-Safari is developing electric charging stations for 2&3 wheelers to increase the adoption of e-mobility for commercial use in an effort to transform lives by reducing carbon emissions in the transport sector.

Ecila Films

Ecila Films specializes in character-led authentic Kenyan stories featuring Kenyans from all walks of life and from the indigenous people of Cherengani hills to the Maasai boy who invented lion lights Richard Turere. Joan Kabugu, the Team Leader has been in the film industry for 10 years and was selected as a 2018 Obama Leader […]

Ndovu Ltd

Ndovu’s mission is to level the playing field because everyone deserves to succeed.  We provide every African, regardless of income level and education with easy access to financial markets through their phones, so they can build the life they want.