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Bena Care Ltd

It is a platform that provides home nursing services to people with life-limiting illnesses across the country. With a large network of doctors nurses, nursing aides, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, they are able to provide quality, reliable and compassionate nursing services to people in need as an alternative to hospitalization.

Taste Afrique Co. Ltd

Chibundiro is a product of Taste Afrique Co. Ltd. It is a mixture of grounded natural spices that gives food that added extra yumminess. It is made from the following ingredients; coriander, ginger, cinnamon, garlic, onions, cumin seeds, cardamons, black pepper, cloves, and natural oils. Chibundiro comes in three flavors; hot, mild and without chilies, […]

Bottle Logistics East Africa Limited

Bottle-logistics East Africa Limited efficiently recovers industrial and post-consumer glass waste and leverages technology to process it into a highly refined glass cullet, a raw material used by glass manufacturing companies to produce new glass bottles. They also work closely with local food and beverage companies to build a strong returnable system for their reusable […]

Nature’s Touch

Nature's Touch manufacturers uniquely formulated 100% natural shea-based skincare products for health-conscious individuals guaranteeing skin wellness with each use. Their products comprise; Shea Body Butters, Baby Balms & Lip Balms.

Offspring Company Limited

Offspring is an Online Platform providing access to Mom, Baby and Child-specific Products, Solutions and Information required while navigating the transitions of Parenthood. Offspring is an experience. They are building a brand focused on the family unit. Not only do you get the best products/brands at competitive prices, but you also get to join a […]

Yedu Enterprises Limited (Soul Food)

Soul Food enterprises set off as Mataam Swahili Restaurant serving Swahili cuisine only.  Their values are fairness and inclusiveness as virtuals have allowed them to serve customers of different cultures, ages, and backgrounds as they proudly invest in all people that their success relies on; their crew, suppliers, and the community at large.

Give LLC

GreenGreen Innovation Ventures Enterprises Limited, a leading provider of decentralized solar off-grid solutions has launched PowerPay; revolutionary IoT sales management software targeting distributors and manufacturers of solar PAY go products. Running on computers as well as mobile devices, the technology-agnostic software is the digital enabler for credit risk reduction and smooth running of PAYgo businesses […]

Creative List / BeAfrica Media Ltd

This is a content-creating company that works as a creative collaboration, focusing on building brands and the creative sector in Africa. They are about discovering African talent, providing a space to connect them with job opportunities, and giving them a platform to showcase their work. It is a space where freelance professional creatives (in Africa […]

Arbres Biotech

Arbres Biotech Ltd. is an agricultural start-up located in Kitengela, Kajiado County, which provides seedlings of various plants to nurseries. They are a foundational supplier at the base of the agricultural value chain and believe that a vibrant agricultural economy relies on a strong seed/ seedling system.

Gift Chain Africa Ltd

They have automated the entire process of buying, distributing, and redemption of gift vouchers through giftpesa platform. You can now send in-kind rewards or aid to multiple beneficiaries spread across different locations at a go. Their vouchers are universal-can be redeemed across multiple retail outlets. They are also leveraging mobile money infrastructure and penetration to […]