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Ukulima Digitech (IoT Farms)

IoT Farms/Ukulima Digitech’s innovation is the Pingle App. The Pingle app is innovative because it is a location-based social app that is focused on facilitating connections amongst strangers in the surrounding area rather than between existing friends.

Bumpy Maternity Wear

Bumpy Maternity Wear is an online maternity shop with a physical store in Nairobi Kenya. Their venture into maternity wear was inspired by a desire to provide variety, style, and convenience to moms in their proudest moments. They believe mothers are beautiful regardless of their size and it is their job to get them something […]

Nature’s Bowl

Using 100% indigenous grains and tubers, Nature’s Bowl sources the raw materials from farmers processes them into flour, and packages them for sale. In addition, the company builds communities by providing support services for mothers and menu options for kids.

Lugha Ishara

Lugha Ishara is a community-based organization with a mission of achieving the transformational development of deaf children through technology-based innovations.


Your home of all things creative! Zarzi believes in self-expression and is working hard to give you a platform that does just that for you.

Afrika Ziara

AfrikaZiara connects African tourism services to the rest of the world. AfrikaZiara is a travel tech software startup with the vision of innovating the African tourism industry using innovative software for tour operators and aims to provide a data-driven online marketplace for tourists to access African tourism services.


Anisan is a startup by students from Kajire Girls' High School in Taita-Taveta County. Anisan is an elephant tracking company located in Tsavo- National Park with a corporate office in Voi Town. They have a ‘Ndovu Care gadget’ that is an integration of motion sensors and a global system for mobile communication with the ability […]

Dermijoy Skincare

Dermi Joy skincare is a Kenyan skincare brand that manufactures innovative and all-natural cosmetics.


Jobsikaz is the leading platform for recruitment and placement solutions for SMEs in the job marketplace. At the core of their systems is a vacancy – job seeker matching engine powered by algorithms for job seeker assessment and ranking together with advanced recruitment process management tools.

Atabantu Tech (Range)

The range would like to address the problem of irrelevant advertisements. Their solution is to offer contextual and proximity-based adverts. Beacons will be used and the Ads will arrive on the users' phones via notification thus it will; reach more people. The notifications allow for interactivity. They are more environmentally friendly (low carbon footprint, recyclable, […]