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Catapult Studios

Catapult studios offer an individualized online literacy program for students with disabilities. 

Sakal Africa (Heri Online)

Sakal Africa is a Marketing Agency that creates and manages custom solutions within Marketing that empower businesses to understand their customers and to accuraPhoney visualize and measure their performance and opportunities.


Designed a domestic avocado oil extracting machine with a vision to empower farmers and revolutionize the avocado fruit farming industry.


An online women's magazine seeking to empower women by delivering the latest in celebrity news, lifestyle, fashion, weddings, and beauty content targeting young Kenyan women between the ages of 18-45.

Africa Solutional Technology

African Solutional Technology is a registered company that turns all biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste into renewable energy. African Solutional Technology was established by Sarah Bisieri Onchangu in November 2016.  She was trying to solve her mother's problem by providing her with an economical source of cooking fuel. In the process of using the briquettes, she […]


Nekkta is a saving platform that helps users save, budget, and spend on the things they love.

Zoa Tech Limited

Zoa Tech Limited is a fintech whose mission is to increase financial inclusion and access by delivering financial services on the mobile phone or web application enabling secure and digital transactions anywhere at any time.

BETA Art Kenya

BETA Art Kenya aims to highlight the growth of the contemporary art industry. Its mission is to create visibility for visual artists and make their artwork accessible.

Catapult Studios

Leveraging on digital platforms and technologies to connect customers to the best insurance and investments solutions available in the market.

Savanna Circuit Technologies

They offer services in ICT consultancy, software development, training, and mobile applications. They also offer services in 3D designing and printing.
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