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Accelerating the Digital Economy through Women Owned Businesses

Standard Chartered Women In Tech

Accelerating the Digital Economy through Women Owned Businesses

Nywele Nyumbani

Nywele nyumbani is an online platform connecting clients to the beautician of their choice, and allowing for their beauty needs […]

Mandevu Beardcare

Mandevu Beard Care is a men’s grooming company offering a beard care product line. Each product we produce is distinctively […]

Runnovate Company

Runnovate company helps business owners save time and reduce the cost of running their businesses by working with a team […]

RentPay Ltd

Our goal is to create efficiency in property management and improve the relationship between Landlords, tenants, and estate agents.

Fastagger Ltd

Fastagger is a platform that helps companies set up and run their machine learning and artificial intelligence projects. Our goal […]

The Viwanda Africa Group

Viwanda Africa Group is a trusted Maintenance and Spare Parts Management Systems partner for Aircraft Owners and Maintenance Organisations. We […]

Ufasiri Halisi

Ufasiri Halisi SLI Innovations limited is a tech company that focuses on revolutionizing assistive technology for the Deaf and Hard […]


E-Safari is developing electric charging stations for 2&3 wheelers to increase the adoption of e-mobility for commercial use in an […]

Ecila Films

Ecila Films specializes in character-led authentic Kenyan stories featuring Kenyans from all walks of life and from the indigenous people […]

Ndovu Ltd

Ndovu’s mission is to level the playing field because everyone deserves to succeed.  We provide every African, regardless of income […]