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Tirus Wanyoike

Tirus Wanyoike

Principal Consultant at Advanced Smart Solutions Limited (ASSL)

Tirus is a Principal Consultant at Advanced Smart Solutions Limited (ASSL) a Digital Platform development company. Before joining ASSL, Tirus oversaw digitization projects at BCK – Kenya, Africa’s premier end-to-end digital solutions partner, providing the world’s most advanced Information and Communications Technology to companies of all sizes.

Prior to joining BCK, Tirus worked at Strathmore [email protected] Research Center as a Business Development Manager; a position which saw him develop and implement business development strategies for the institution and managed the implementation of major enterprise software projects across various industry sectors.

Tirus has over 10 years’ experience having previously held a Product Development position at Alliance Technologies Solutions Limited and a lecturing position at Murang’a University of Technology in Kenya. Interestingly, Tirus academic background is in the medical sector while his entire professional life has been in the ICT sector.

Tirus is currently spearheading the implementation of several enterprise wide digitization projects across varied sectors and organizations within the county primarily in the Financial and Non-governmental sectors.  

Short Bio:

Digital Innovation and Transformation Specialist

Sectors: risk management operations | financial data | Technology


Phone: +254 723 885 209

Email: [email protected]