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Irene Mwihaki

Irene Mwihaki

Has interests in FinTech, Professional Services and FMCG trading in Kenya and previously in Zambia.

She has close to 10 years working experience in various international companies in Kenya and consulted for 2 companies on market entry into Kenya.

Irene’s areas of passion are in Start-ups, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Digital Marketing: Irene has been most successful in working with emerging companies harness the power of the internet and social media for sales and marketing.

Entrepreneurship and Startups: She’s currently mentor at iBiz Africa (part if iLab Africa), a leading business incubator in Kenya run by Strathmore University. Applying Lean Startup methodology in Startups, Growing and Mature businesses. Irene is part of the panel in the monthly Pitch Fridays where startups present their ideas/businesses to be considered for incubation. In addition, she has been part of the Idea Foundation (2 Cohorts), Safaricom Foundation’s Tech4Good and part of the team piloting the Wadhwani Way Entrepreneurship Club at the university.

Irene holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) and Masters of Arts in Project Planning and Management, both from the University of Nairobi, CPA and Diploma in Management of Information Systems.

Experience: 7 years

Sector(s): Digital Marketing

Main Expertise: Marketing


Phone: 0722804412

Email: [email protected]